Monday, January 24, 2011

I like explosions

Let all form become formless, and chaos swallow the structure of the world in a gigantic maelstrom. Let there be tremendous commotion and noise, terror, and explosion, and then let there be eternal silence and total forgetfulness. And in those final moments, let all humanity has felt until now, hope, regret, love, despair, and hatred, explode with such force that nothing is left behind. Would not such moments be the triumph of nothingness and the final apotheosis of nonbeing?

- E.M. Coiran

We like explosions that leave you feeling good. We like ideas that change the world for good.

- Devo


On the Heights of Despair by E.M. Coiran, translated by Ilinka Zarifopol-Johnston

New Traditionalists(LP) by Devo


Makif'at said...

David, reading an essay by Guy Davenport last night called "The House That Jack Built", Davenport notes that "a mushroom cloud shaped like a skull" appears in the painting "Phenomena" by Pavel Tchelitchew. This was painted nine years before Hiroshima, and apparently held great significance for the poet William Carlos Williams.


David X said...

Pavel Tchelitchew is an amazing artist. I have been looking at the Phenomenom painting for an hour and I still haven't found the mushroom cloud. I have found all sorts of other strange things hidden in the multitude of crazy details however.

I'll keep searching for that mushroom cloud with the devils face.

Reminds me of the good old Weekly World News. They were always spotting the devils face in something.

I must check out Guy Davenport. I think I'll pick up a copy ofThe Death of Picasso.