Sunday, July 14, 2013

In dazzling sheen with unaccustomed eyes

Attributed to Bartolomeo Manfredi, Saint John the Baptist, 17th century

In dazzling sheen with unaccustomed eyes
Daphnis stands rapt before Olympus' gate,
And sees beneath his feet the clouds and stars.
Wherefore the woods and fields, Pan, shepherd-folk,
And Dryad-maidens, thrill with eager joy;
Nor wolf with treacherous wile assails the flock,
Nor nets the stag: kind Daphnis loveth peace.
The unshorn mountains to the stars up-toss
Voices of gladness; ay, the very rocks,
The very thickets, shout and sing, 'A god,
A god is he...'


Vergil, Eclogues, J. B. Greenough, Boston, Ginn & Co, 1895.

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